Welcome to Our Library!

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The Library is a warm and welcoming place for students, teachers, and parents.  Classes visit weekly for checkout plus lessons that focus on collaboration, creativity, research, and becoming critical thinkers who are effective, independent, and responsible users of information.  Books and other resources are available to our students electronically as well as in the building.  Please reach out to Mrs. Oswalt at @email with any questions you may have.

Student Checkout:

Our students LOVE to check out books!  Thank you to families for helping your children take care of their borrowed books and for reading together at home – sharing a story with family is the best!!

As we introduce the library to students at the start of the year, students will build up the number of books they can check out.  Students should remember to:

              Keep books away from pets and siblings

              Keep books away from food and drink

              Consider how many books they can carry and read in a week

              Consider how many books they can keep track of and bring back on time

              No more than 2 of a popular series

We love helping students find the right book at the right time – students have free choice in the library and we strive to connect with their interests as they make their selections.  We also have e-book versions of some of our titles!  Our collection has something for everyone and we encourage students to read both “mirror books” (books that reflect the reader’s own experiences) and “window books” (books that show experiences different from those of the reader).  Yay for enjoying great stories and finding interesting information – happy reading!


Log on with FCPS username and password.


TumbleBooks has over 1,000 titles including story books, read alongs, videos, nonfiction, math stories, puzzle games and more. See your teacher for username/password.