Welcome, Principal Vega!

By FCPS Region 2 Leadership Team
May 10, 2023

The Region 2 leadership team is pleased to announce Ms. Mirnaly Vega as the new principal at Sleepy Hollow Elementary, effective July 5, 2023.

Ms. Vega, currently the Assistant Principal at Bailey's Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences, is an experienced administrator with a track record of leadership working in diverse schools. Ms. Vega brings a holistic approach to education, taking time to listen, respond thoughtfully, and adjust to the needs of students, parents, and the community. She inspires students and staff to be their best. Ms. Vega is passionate about ensuring a school's climate is respectful, inclusive, and culturally responsive. She recognizes that sustaining family engagement through transparent communication is the key to building trusting relationships and ensuring that every family has equitable access to resources.

During Ms.  Vega's time at Bailey's, she worked collaboratively with various stakeholders to decrease disciplinary referrals by 54%. She worked with grade-level teams to research and implement reading strategies to help their first-grade students go from 51% reading on grade level to 94% by the end of the school year. She also worked tirelessly with the ESOL department on language development strategies resulting in a 36.8% growth rate in student English language development.

Ms. Vega has over 16 years of experience as an educator in both the private and public sector. Ms. Vega has nine years of administrative experience, having served as the assistant principal at Westgate Elementary and most recently as the Assistant Principal at Bailey's Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences. In addition, she brings 9 years of teaching experience at the elementary level. Ms. Vega holds a BS in Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Master's in Elementary Education from Pace University. 

Ms. Vega is excited to join the Sleepy Hollow Elementary family. She will work closely with the current assistant principal to continue the great work the current administration has put together. Please join our Region Leadership Team in welcoming Ms. Vega as the new principal at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School.