Welcome, Principal Fallen!

By Fabio Zuluaga, Assistant Superintendent, Region 2
July 08, 2020

The Region 2 Office is pleased to announce that Ms. Mattie Fallen, current assistant principal of Braddock Elementary, has been named the new principal of Sleepy Hollow Elementary.  Her official start date will be July 13, 2020. 

Ms. Fallen started her career in education as a reading specialist at Fort Belvoir Elementary School where she supported the academic needs of 1,300 students.  In 2009 Ms. Fallen applied to and was accepted into the LEAD Fairfax Intern program where she supported and served on Brookfield Elementary School’s administration team.  Ms. Fallen was then named the assistant principal at Bull Run Elementary in 2010 where she worked for 5 years before moving to Braddock Elementary School in 2015.  At Braddock Elementary school, Ms. Fallen has played key roles in a variety of instructional core and enrichment programs aimed at improving and enriching the academic needs of more than 900 students.

Ms. Fallen is a leader who is extremely passionate about all children. An inclusive and culturally responsive school climate is one of her many non-negotiables.  She believes in promoting a welcoming, respectful, and positive school culture where stakeholders work together to support the academic, social, and emotional growth of all students.  Ms. Fallen understands that it is essential to keep parents and community members informed in an effort to foster a positive home-school connection. 

Ms. Fallen has a deep understanding of sound instructional practices in the areas of literacy and numeracy. As a former Reading Specialist, she facilitated Teachers as Readers groups to promote the use of best practices such as comprehension, decoding, fluency, and vocabulary development.  She has taught and led in an elementary environment for her entire educational career. As a result, she has an excellent understanding of what teachers need to support their students and what students need to grow as individuals. Ms. Fallen is an experienced and collaborative leader and understands that the staff is the backbone of the school; she has a proven track record of positively collaborating with teachers as well as positive community engagement practices.  

Ms. Fallen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education from Virginia Tech as well as a Masters of Education degree from Virginia Tech.  She is a current doctoral candidate at Virginia Tech and will be receiving her doctorate this fall in the areas of Education Leadership and Policy Studies. 

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Fallen as the new principal of Sleepy Hollow Elementary School.